Doctors & Staff

The Doctors

  • Dr May Hagerty
  • Dr Keri Malone
  • Dr Ashley W Mears
  • Dr Robin Moore
  • Dr Anne Nwobu
  • Dr Irene Ojobo
  • Dr Natalie Sanzone
  • Dr Paul Treon
  • Dr Rachel Green
  • Dr Michael Cameron Long-Term Locum

Advanced Nurse Practitioners

  • John Boyd
  • Michelle Horne
  • Sheila Lochrie

Primary Care Mental Health Nurses

  • Kara McIntosh
  • Joanne Herd

Extended Scope Practitioners

  • Wendy Monteith
  • Marc Stevens

Practice Nurses

The Practice Nurse responsibilities include caring for people with long term conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, and Heart or Blood Pressure problems. All our practice nurses can perform cervical smear tests. They are also available to deal with minor illnesses and can advise on holiday vaccinations, tetanus boosters, health checks and family planning services.

  • Carol Quigley
  • Mirka Campbell

Practice Staff

Practice Managers: Amanda McCormack and Jacqueline Rickard

Senior Receptionist: Anne McLean

The Practice has a team of Administrators and receptionists. They are involved with all the general administrative duties required to allow the day-to-day running of the Practice.

Healthcare Assistants: Pamela Mitchell and Donna Thomson

Services Provided by Attached Staff

A number of staff are attached to the Health Centre, but are employed by NHS Forth Valley. We do, however, all work together as a team.

Health Visitors

The Health Visitors can be contacted by telephoning:

  • Lucy Atalla – 01324 499628
  • Geri Conner – 01324 499630
  • Gail Timmins – 01324 499625

District Nurses

District Nurses are registered nurses with a BSC/BA degree in community health care. They provide a service for all age groups in the community and have contact with patients at home, in local authority homes, GP surgeries and clinics.

The District Nurse can:

  • Assess patient needs and identify problems.
  • Plan nursing care with the patient and carer.
  • Implement Care – delivers care as planned and can refer to appropriate agencies.
  • Evaluate Care – ensures goals are achieved and change care if goals are not met OR new problems presented.

The District Nursing Team can be contacted by telephoning 01324 482354.

Treatment Room

The Treatment Room is staffed by a fully qualified Nurse who is trained to carry out procedures such as removal of staples, measurements for stockings, checking ears for wax, general advice and various other services.

If you would like to book an appointment with the Treatment Room Nurse or would like a telephone consultation please contact 01324 482354.